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Sports Equipment Insurance for Hang Gliding

The rush of gliding through the air at speeds of up to 100mph while suspended from a lightweight craft, makes hang gliding one of the most exhilarating extreme flying sports around. However, the need for hang gliding insurance is something that has become increasingly important when considering the current economic climate.

Hang gliding equipment is often extremely expensive and as a hang gliding enthusiast will know, there are real risks involved with the sport that can easily lead to damaged equipment. This could end up being not only very costly but also very time consuming. 

At Harrison Beaumont we specialise in providing a comprehensive hang gliding insurance policy that will cover your equipment, clothing and personal effects all year round against any loss, damage or theft. You can have real piece of mind your equipment will be covered at home, in storage, in use and in transit, so you are free to truly enjoy your adventure.

Select your hang gliding insurance

With hang gliding equipment cover starting from £49.80 and covering anything from £1,000 to £10,000, there is a policy to suit even the most extreme hang glider.

Worldwide Cover


Cover up to



£ 1,000

£ 49.80


£ 2,000

£ 94.60


£ 4,000

£ 184.20


£ 6,000

£ 273.80

To the MAX!

£ 8,000

£ 363.40


£ 10,000

£ 453.00

*on equipment less than 12 months old